Denise Booth Doula Services

"...She made me feel seen and heard and cared for, 

which helped me find an inner strength I didn't know I had..."

Denise Booth birth doula in Madison WI

Denise Booth (she / her) 

Hello! I am a birth and postpartum doula serving the Madison, Wisconsin surrounding area.

I am a nurturer (got that from my mama ☺), truly hold space for others and have always had a passion for growing bellies, birth stories and babies. Growing up I hoped for a gazillion babies myself (ironic to then go through five years of infertility!) or to work with pregnancy/newborns in some capacity. I often joke that if I was out and about and saw a pregnant belly or newborn, I would feel a strong instinct to offer an extra hand or listening ear. Even though I have always been pretty dreamy about childbearing, I am fully aware that is not a universal sentiment - and I am sensitive and ready to hold space for all feelings/emotions/actions regarding this topic!!!   

I was a Speech and Language Pathologist in the Madison School District and then a stay at home parent for many  years. I felt ready in my life for work outside of the home again, but speech pathology was no longer feeling right. I decided to lean into my instincts and take a leap to follow my passion

It is such an honor to be invited into such intimate spaces with families on their journeys. I value making connections with clients and really get to know what they are looking for as individuals. Without judgment or an agenda, I offer support (physically & emotionally), education, compassion & encouragement, When partners are involved, I prioritize them as being the most integral part of the support team.  

I live in Middleton with my partner, Nate, three kiddos (ages 17, 14 & 8), two dogs and a bunny! I love the moments that my kids are all getting along, treating myself at coffee shops, being on a lake or hiking, dogs, music, and being in the moment! 

Doula related training/education:

Postpartum Doula Training, DONA International

Birth Doula Training, DONA International

Lactation for Doulas, Ann Grauer, IBCLC

Comforting Touch for Doulas, Yiska Obadia

Doula Support for Cesarean Birth, 

Physiology of Birth for Birthworkers, Sara Lavonne

Full Spectrum Pregnancy Loss, Molly Dutton-Kenny (CPM).

Gender Affirming Birthwork , Moss Froom

Denise Booth birth doula services in Madison WI

"... Pregnancy, birth, and postpartum are difficult seasons of life, and Denise was a light that helped us to hold the emotional, sacred beauty in these seasons ..."

Denise Booth birth doula in Madison WI

Nurturing runs in the family; my daughter helping to doula me at her brothers' birth