from previous clients!

(pregnancy, birth & postpartum)

What did you find most surprising or you didn't expect?

  • I did not expect that the more my pregnancy progressed, the more I would turn inward. Whether it was a result of COVID, the winter, hormones or all three, I found myself really turning inward as pregnancy progressed and that surprised me.

  • Surprising: my body actually felt amazing during pregnancy. I didn't experience any major symptoms and simply felt GOOD.

  • Pregnancy: That the interrupted sleep because of my bladder in the third trimester was just a tiny glimpse of the exhaustion with night feelings postpartum. But it's all worth it once baby comes!

  • Labor: Pushing was a welcome change of pace from the intensity of transition.

  • Postpartum: I thought my boobs were big and tender during pregnancy. Then Day 3 when my milk came in happened. Once the discomfort subsided it's been a little bonus for this previously small-chested woman. ;)

  • That I could eat while in labor!!!! With my first I was on a liquid diet, but with my second the times changed and I was able to eat as much or as little as I wanted. I ended up puking some of it up, but it was worth it!

  • This being my 4th baby and all my others coming early, him coming 4 days past his due date was a surprise and a good reminder that every baby and every birth is different

  • I didn’t expect to still be able to feel like myself throughout labor. There were moments (ok, probably hours) where I was extremely focused and in pain, but there was a lot of time where I could enjoy the process and have fun with you [my doula] and my husband.

What was the most helpful tip/piece of advice you received?

  • Knowing that birth preferences were preferences and being prepared for any outcome - knowing we had the support of a doula to help us process that.

  • find a practitioner that you trust and knows your preferences. (e.g. my provider knew skin-to-skin was so important to me immediately after birth and advocated for me in the OR post c-birth)

  • Ask for what you need from your provider. If you’re anxious, ask for an extra check up. Have them trust you, and you trust your gut!

  • Advice: (for labor) reminders that my body has done hard things before like climbing mountains. It was helpful to lessen the anxiety around labor by thinking about it in terms of a really hard hiking journey: focus on one step at a time. Breathe. Know that the moment won't last forever.

  • Pregnancy: Sleep while you can.

  • Labor: Rest when you can.

  • Postpartum: Nap when baby naps.

  • To keep things moving and change positions frequently during labor. Also, peanut balls during labor are amazing!

  • Listen to your body postpartum. We listen to it during pregnancy but tend to forget to pay attention after the baby is born.

  • It was really helpful to look at it as having birth preferences rather than a birth plan. It was helpful to be ready to adjust. Also, taking the time to own the decisions being made. Asking how much time before a decision needs to be made.

Favorite product/resource/practitioner:


  • Chiropractic care during pregnancy. Melissa Murphy helped me turn a breech baby at 36w and helped so much with the aches and pains of pregnancy. She’s also great PP and even adjusted our baby after a traumatic birth.

  • Adria Cannon - lactation support & therapy

  • Fave resource: obviously my doula team. And my midwife and partner

  • Dr. Julie Nyquist with New Moon Wellness for gentle chiropractic/myofascial release

  • Dr. Mallory and Wildwood Clinic [a game changer]

  • Midwife- Miranda Welsch and Ingrid Andersson

  • Acupuncture- Isthmus Wellness


  • Website: Spinning Babies - optimal birth positioning

  • Book: Real Food for Pregnancy - Lily Nichols,

  • Book: Safe Infant Sleep - James McKenna

  • Book: Found it helpful to read The Birth Partner. It's a book for partners, but the info is presented in a way that is helpful for the birthing person too. Lots of details for all the many directions a birth journey can take--unplanned and planned. Read the sections that you may not think will apply to you (such as what happens during a c-section!)

  • Emily Oster’s books (Expecting Better, Cribsheet)


  • Pregnancy: Lusa organics belly balm

  • Labor: calming music playlist

  • Postpartum: Tubby Todd all over ointment -- worked for mama's cracked knuckles and baby's rough skin from the dry winter weather

  • ask for prune juice at the hospital instead of stool softeners

  • Honest Company "mama" belly oil [a game changer]

Best thing to bring/have at your birth (snack, type of music, comfort items, clothing to wear during labor)

  • Make a playlist! It will change your life, pick your favorite songs that make you feel good and empowered.

  • As far as clothes, definitely look into your own labor and delivery gown - they are so much comfier and I even got to wear mine during a c-section. Bring comfy things for PP that have easy access for breastfeeding if you’re planning to, along with your own pillow and blanket.

  • bring snacks - especially for the middle of the night after the hospital’s cafeteria closes and you’re starving from all of your hard work!

  • I had prayer flags with with written affirmations from my friends and family that my doula and partner hung up in the birthing suite, which brought a helpful energy. Other than that, I didn't notice my surroundings too much other than the hands I squeezed during contractions.

  • It was nice to have a big blanket from home in the postpartum room.

  • Bring your own maternity gown rather than the ones they provide

  • I highly recommend having someone outside of you or your support person/partner to take pictures if allowed

  • Having a white noise machine for after labor in the hospital.

  • Having your own hospital gown was nice.

  • Making a playlist of music was helpful.